Your exhibitors have high expectations for lead retrieval and trade show lead generation.

If you want to ensure that these exhibitors and sponsors renew their investment, you need solutions that help them get more value out of your show.

If you’re charged with planning trade shows, you know there’s increasing pressure to keep everyone happy. Your attendees want to meet with exhibitors who are launching new products and recommending innovative ways to solve their most urgent problems. Your exhibitors want more and better opportunities to engage with qualified buyers – and reliable lead retrieval tools to boost activity and accelerate follow-up after your event is over.

You need to provide your exhibitors with trade show lead generation tools that help them:

  • Increase traffic to their booths
  • Collect and qualify sales leads
  • Quickly convert leads into sales
  • Maximize their ROI

Selecting the Right Trade Show Lead Generation and Lead Retrieval Services for Your Exhibitors

Are you charged with keeping your current exhibitors happy, while securing new exhibitors and sponsors every year? If so, here are a few things to consider:

Beacon technology is no longer the only game in town.

Beacon technology was the industry’s first attempt at behavior tracking – but it doesn’t give your exhibitors a full picture of their leads. Beacons require attendees to download an event app, turn their Bluetooth on and keep the app in the foreground. Experient’s proprietary network of lead retrieval devices, combined with a wearable tracker on every attendee, gives your exhibitors instant access to valuable buyer information that has never been available before now.

Exhibitors expect simple and user-friendly options for lead collection.

Meeting exhibitor expectations isn’t always easy. They want simple processes for collecting leads, and not just at their booth. Today’s exhibitors want the ability to collect leads during sessions, in hallways and even on the bus ride to the convention center. They also want to connect and engage in meaningful conversations with current and prospective customers.

The future of lead retrieval and data analysis is real-time.

Exhibitors no longer want to wait until the show is over to begin reviewing and analyzing their lead generation efforts. That’s why Experient created a tool that gives show organizers access to real-time lead generation and show performance data.

You need to make it as simple as possible for attendees to connect with exhibitors, not just the other way around.

Bringing exhibitors and attendees together isn’t a one-way street. Many attendees want to follow-up with an interesting exhibitor they met during your event, but they can’t recall who it was. Experient’s proprietary tool gives attendees a full record of all the booths and exhibitors they visited during your event, allowing them to share information with colleagues and follow-up with exhibitors and sponsors at their own pace.

How Can Experient Help?

Experient offers the most advanced suite of exhibitor tools in the industry, and we’re committed to constant innovation in this area. Experient helps your exhibitors to better market their offerings to attendees with lead retrieval tools that effortlessly and accurately capture data from guests who visit their booths.

Working with Experient ensures that event organizers, exhibitors and guests always get the tools, solutions and data they need. In fact, more than 30,000 exhibitors capture leads each year using Experient’s trade show lead generation apps and devices.

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