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Delivering Extraordinary Experiences for Each Enthusiast

There’s been unprecedented growth in niche events. From auto shows, races and competitions to fan conventions and arts & music festivals, whenever like-minded enthusiasts gather, their passion is palpable and their bond to one another, intense.

So are their expectations for your event.

How can you benefit from this surge? It’s time to find a partner to help you deliver on this extraordinary niche event promise.

The pressure is on to deliver an unforgettable array of experiences for these enthusiasts. They want more than a few memorable moments. They’re craving deeper connections… with one another and with your event’s brand.

Enthusiasts, the most important influencers who have the power to accelerate word-of-mouth buzz, come to your event for fellowship, knowledge sharing, story swaps and that rare opportunity to immerse themselves in a common culture. A culture many can’t savor in their 9-to-5 world.

As demand and passion for niche events continues to surge, what used to be a simple planning process now requires a more polished and purposeful approach. Each and every touch point of the enthusiast’s journey tees up new opportunities to deliver WOW experiences, while also creating new revenue streams through sponsorship.

Finding the Right Convention Management Partner for your Niche Events

Niche events are a breed apart – so any meeting planner won’t do. You need a convention management partner with deep experience and proven track record in this market.

The right niche event partner can help you:

Create more customized experiences to make your event guests feel special.

Enthusiasts crave personalized experiences that lock in on their passion. Experient gets steeped in the passion of your guests to help you design over-the-top, authentic experiences – moving well beyond the “what’s always been done” zone. Mobile apps are a crucial experience driver and we’ll help you leverage this technology more effectively to turbo-charge experiences. Ditto for your digital website. Bottom line: You and your guests will be rewarded with truly unforgettable event encounters (both live and digital) that take community engagement to new heights.

Track and capitalize on attendee behaviors.

Exhibitors and sponsors love your event because your guests are passionate and they’re digging into their wallets to prove it. It’s time to find a partner with the technology power to actually track attendee behaviors in real time, so you can identify “best moments” and design more of them. Experient leads the pack on this count and we’ll also help you spot the underperformers, so you can fix them or lose them. Your sponsors and exhibitors will be thrilled to get this valuable and actionable customer insight. Behavioral tracking will also give your sponsorship program a significant boost, as you’re now able to provide more credible ROI proof.

Develops effective marketing strategies to boost attendance and loyalty.

Interested in growing your community and increasing ticket sales? There’s a lot of competition for your enthusiasts’ attention and wallet. Experient knows how to throttle up excitement for your niche events and we can help you design marketing campaigns to attract new attendees, while launching messaging campaigns to keep your loyalists coming back for more.

Helps you accurately gauge the economic impact to the host city.

Some niche event hosts struggle to accurately measure the total economic impact their event has on the city. When this happens, future negotiations for space and hotel rooms are jeopardized. With Experient, we’ll help you measure impact dollars right down to the penny and across multiple channels to advance your clout at the bargaining table. More importantly, we’ll provide benchmark data for similar events, so you know when and where to push harder for concessions.

Why choose Experient for your niche events?

Experient has the convention management experience and industry expertise to design and deliver exceptional experiences for your niche events.

From auto shows to fan conventions, we’ll help you grow your enthusiast crowd, while expanding event revenue streams. We know exactly how to reach the people who are passionate about your event.

Experient offers an assortment of niche event services, including:

  • Advanced ticketing and registration strategies: Experient makes the onsite ticketing experience a breeze with our Scan-n-Go onsite technology. Offer your enthusiasts hassle-free ticket buying and speedy onsite registration and they’ll be thrilled.
  • An integrated mobile app: With a single mobile platform, Experient offers guests an easy-to-use app with all their important travel show information. Now you can communicate with various guest segments in real time, to help them better navigate their experience. The app also tees up opportunities to amp up exposure for your exhibitors and sponsors.
  • Extensive data collection: With the right technology partner, you can track each attendee’s movements throughout your event and capture detailed financial data that helps you optimize event experiences for your guests, your sponsors and your exhibitors now and for years to come.
  • Strategic registration and housing: Our size and experience gives us unmatched buying power in the industry. Experient’s housing strategies save you money, while increasing revenue through improved room block performance. As if that’s not enough, for larger events, we can provide onsite and call center support, to ensure your guests are satisfied to the max.

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