Event technology is more important today than ever before.

Event technology doesn’t drive guest experiences for your events. When it works, it stays in the background enhancing them.

Too often, guests notice event technology for all the wrong reasons. The moment technology at your event seems too complex or confusing, your attendees are done. They’ll never return – and the data you wanted disappears with them.

Bad event tech doesn’t just fail your budget. It fails your guests when you can least afford it. You’ve spent all year planning the perfect experience for your guests. Don’t sour that experience because you have multiple disorganized vendors delivering clunky, disjointed technology.

Experient can help you execute seamless event technology across every touch point for your guests. With our seamless, integrated tools, you and your guests get to focus on what matters most – their experience.

Choosing Event Technology That Helps You Reach Your Goals

Your event technology options seem limitless. Your time and budget – they do have limits. You should only invest in tools that achieve your goals.

Experient works with our clients to develop an event technology strategy that helps them:

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Improve Event Attendance and Guest Loyalty.

The cost to acquire new attendees is expensive – and that price is going up. You can’t afford attendee churn. Experient can help you leverage the latest event tech to reach new audiences and keep the ones you already have. Simplify Registration and Housing: Don’t let a bad event registration process hurt your attendance. Our unified housing and registration tool makes it fast and easy.

Deliver a Mobile Experience That Works.

Our mobile app is your guests’ compass. It must help them make the most of their time at your event. It must be designed well to ensure strong adoption and use. Experient’s mobile app solution was designed exclusively for event organizers to help them deliver a seamless all-inclusive tool for guests that helps:

  • Manage registration
  • Manage housing
  • Build itineraries
  • Navigate the venue
  • Connect with other guests

Prove Value to Exhibitors.

Keeping your exhibitors happy – and attracting new ones – is critical to your event strategy. When you work with Experient, your exhibitors get access to industry-leading tools that help them increase traffic to their booths, collect and qualify leads, quickly turn leads into sales and maximize their ROI.

Turn Event Data into Personalized Guest Experiences.

Leveraging data intelligence to customize your guests experience is no longer a nice-to-have. Attendees expect you to know who they are, what they like and deliver it to them. Experient knows how to help you deliver customized experiences that are a critical differentiator for your event.

Proves Event ROI.

Experient’s eventBit solution captures richer data about what guests are doing while they’re at your event. You get better data faster. eventBit delivers actionable insights and behavioral data that proves ROI to your organization. Discover eventBit

Why Choose Experient for Event Technology?

For decades, Experient has been the leader in innovative events and event tech. We created electronic lead retrieval, pioneered interactive products and perfected unified registration and housing.

Today, Experient is pioneering the use of behavioral analytics in events through eventBit. We’re revolutionizing the industry -- giving attendees, exhibitors and event organizers access to more actionable data than ever before!

Let Experient take you to the cutting edge of event technology.

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